Play Morrowind as Erika Eleniak

(November 13, 2007) Yup, that's right. When browsing I found a mod for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind with 5 playable celebrity heads. One of them being Erika :)

If you still play Morrowind, you can give it a try. This mod contains altogether seven heads. Five of them are based on celebrity faces:

Erika Eleniak - Wood Elf
Liv Tyler - Wood Elf
Kristanna Loken - Nord
Sandra Bullock - Nord
Christy Turlington - Wood Elf

Other two are playable "non-celeb" Wood Elf heads. WoodElf01 was modeled with Heather Locklear's eyes and WoodElf02 was created just for the fun of it.

Many thanks go to Woodman, who created this interesting mod. Blank page

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Click the numbers to win Erika's pictures
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mime_archive.gif Woodman's Female Celeb Heads Pack Download
Morrowind mod with playable Erika head
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