Lots of odds and ends

(November 26, 2002) Some news about Shakedown, StarMeter, Betrayal etc..

- Budget for Shakedown was $250k vs. Final Voyage 1.2m
- Erika's "StarMeter" rating is currently #458 and rising. She was 150-200 thru mid '99, Brad Pitt is #26. Actually this is pretty high considering.
- Erika has changed her management to The Characters Talent Agency, Vancouver, Canada. Still lists Prophet in LA as a secondary.
- Was engaged to William McNamera.
- Found some magazines:

Cinema #33 sept '94 Hungarian
Playboy covers:
Italy: 10/90, 7/93, 12/93
Germany: 12/93
Spain: 9/91, 2/93, 8/93
- Betrayal is listed for a release date of April 11'02. Released WHERE? Production Company - American World Pictures who are also listed as its Distributor (probably not a good sign) meaning they could not find a buyer and must release it themselves. Producer-Dana Dubrsky and the director, Mark L Lester.