My task is done

(December 19, 2002) Now that Erika has her own site, I feel like my task is done. For over 7 years I had been building a website dedicated to Erika.

I've always tried to provide informations together with multimedia and propagate Erika's work. I felt there was a need for a page where equal emphasis would be put on news and informations just like on multimedia. With appearing of Erika's official page, this task naturally moves to the new site. The official site also contains some copyrighted material which I can not use and that's all right, since the site should have something special and unique to draw attention. But this also collides with my goal of building complex and rich site with possibly everything about Erika. I don't want to stand in the way of official site, which I believe should be the best, so my site will no longer be updated on regular basis, until (if ever) I find new direction which I should go. However I will still support Erika in every possible way and I wish her best luck.