A young man searches for his mother and discovers God's plan for him.
Susan accepts Lynette's offer to be baby Paige's nanny; Bree is embarrassed to tell Keith that she's beginning to go through menopause; Renee makes a tempting job proposition to Lynette.
A blind man is the police's only witness in a kidnapping case, but he winds up pointing the finger at a familiar face who was supposedly in prison at the time of the abduction.
Changing Hands tells the story of a gun, and the path it takes on its journey through different hands. From stolen roots, to unscrupulous trades, to robberies and assaults, this film follows the twists and turns of the travels of the gun.
Short for The Immoral Minority Picture Show, this irreverent comedy skit anthology from writer - director Scott Mansfield is an equal opportunity offender, skewering all facets of society with reckless abandon.
A group of meteorology students goes to Florida to examine an epicenter of an unusual storm, which brings very low temperatures. When temperature gets closer to an absolute zero, they'll have to find a way to save themselves.
Fatal Reunion is the story of Jennifer, a stay-at-home mom who begins to grow increasingly suspicious that her husband is having an affair. Rather than confront her husband, Jennifer looks up Marcus, an old high school crush, for help.
When Samantha's daughter's grades begin to plummet, she arranges a meeting with Molly's new teacher, Victoria and hires her to tutor Molly at their home after school. Soon strange things begin to happen in their house.
In a high pressure, high tech research facility on campus' Elizabeth a promising medical student, works along side with renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Dietrich in the hope of uncovering drug that would greatly enhance photographic memory.
Federal agent Kate Parker is sent on her first field assignment since losing a mob informant three years prior. She is expecting a simple case of 'retrieve and return' of Claire Scott who is a young murder witness.
A salvage ship on a routine interstellar mission discovers the drifting, silent hulk of the off world space transporter Demeter, reported missing 100 years earlier. The crew board the ship, hoping to recover a freight.
This Christmas fantasy tells the tale of Sterling Brooks, a stock-broker who is killed in a freak accident. In order to secure a heavenly future, Sterling is given the chance to redeem himself.
A supposedly reformed criminal and his gang of ruthless thugs take over the mall, hoping to bring in big profits on the busiest day of the year. They take shoppers and employees hostage, and manage to beat the mall's own security.
Doomsday cult fanatical leader 'St. Joy' and his members invade a bank to recover a potent biological weapon from a safe deposit box. But they are about to be apprehended by agent McKay while being trapped in decimated building.
Jayne needs to get out of Los Angeles fast. A beautiful woman, yet ruthless assassin; she is on the run with a suitcase full of a million dollars in blood money, stolen from a mob boss. Kerry is on the run from a drug dealer when they meet.
When Liz is forced to leave town after an attempted assault by her vengeful exhusband, Barbara offers her company, and the two of them escape to a remote mountain cabin. They're met by the folksy caretaker and go into their cabin.
Movie revolves around an annual family reunion, in which three sisters try to cope with and uncover the truth behind the mysterious demise of a 4th sister as they have promised to their father, who suffered heart attack after disappearance.
When middle class housewife Sara Mayfield grows tired of being middle class, she plots the "accidental" demise of her husband to cash in on his two million dollar life insurance policy. But afterwards she discovers nothing is as it seems.
Floods push a dam to breaking point and the lives of the people who live beneath it hang in the balance. Movie was on pre sales in February 2001, but could not find a distributor, so it will probably never get released on video or dvd.
Hounded and knocked around by her dumb lug, Patty is spotted and befriended by club fight promoter Fred and one of his club gals, June. Our heroine finds that she can confide in June and get into shape care of Tommy, who runs a gym.
ExCIA agent Simon leads a renegade Strike Force that will let nothing stop them, not even the law, in accomplishing their highly sensitive missions. Called to action when a number of young girls begin disappearing without a trace within few days.
A college coed falls for her teacher and will kill anyone who gets in her way. This movie is most probably cancelled, so it will never be released on video or dvd.
Ice-T is as a naval pilot who fakes his death and winds up working on the other side of the law in South American. He steals a stealth fighter from a U.S. military base and uses it to bomb foreign military installations. He has to be stopped.
Something that nobody would ever believe happened - an earthquake in New York. City is devastated, a lot of buildings are down. This classic disaster movie tells stories of people who were caught unprepared and have to deal with aftermath.
Yet another unsuccessful TV pilot for Erika.
The USS Britannic is off on a cruise in the South Pacific. On board her are the rich & famous and most of all jewelry and money. But where there is money, there are those looking to take what they can get no matter the cost can be.
A girl wants to be a virgin again, so she has to say NO to all the men she had sex with before, the nice guy including. Will she be able to keep her pants up the whole time? Well, she realizes that dumping the nice guy was the worst decision.
Pandora is a top secret experimental U.S. military peacekeeping device with the capacity to destroy organic matter while leaving inorganic matter unharmed. When Pandora is stolen by a renegade, John is sent to recapture it.
Sal, the boss of a famous haute couture house, celebrates the marriage with young topmodel Sam. The next day, when the newly weds are preparing to spend their honeymoon, Sam discovers she forgot the plane tickets in the office.
Wounds, blood, violence. Remember, there is much of it here. The moment the first blood appears is both comic and shocking and worth waiting for! And we've got two pretty flowers here. Erika and red headed, unfaithul, sexy Kimberley.
Kelly Brooks, a bright advertising executive captures the eye of Arthur. He asks Kelly to marry him after only one meeting and a lunch. Kelly aggrees. After wedding Arthur starts drinking and physically abuses Kelly.
Brooklyn South is police show from executive producer and creator Steven Bochco, who also brought us NYPD Blue and Hill Street Blues and other shows. Here, we follow the officers and victims within one of the precincts in Brooklyn.
It's just one year since uncaught maniac stopped raping women. But now he's back and starts again with the same woman as last time. Police contacts all other victims and tries to set up a trap with an undercover detective.
After being discovered in her tomb, vampire Lillith is resurrected. To get fresh warm blood she craves she has started a brothel which doubles as a funeral parlor. After Caleb goes here and disappears, his religious sister Katherine hires a PI.
A bakery burns to the ground, the work of an unknown arsonist, and the act evokes such unique emotions among a varied group of romantics that just about everyone claims responsibility for the deed.
Erika Eleniak heats up this interactive adventure CD-ROM game that simmers with style and suspense. A set of twins - one virtuous, one diabolical, both beautiful - are fighting for fate of aging Skyview amusement park, operated by their father.
Amanda Baker is fed up with situation in her house so she decides to leave. She meets a pocket thief and travels with him to visit his uncle. She agrees to help them to rob a bank, but the situation quickly changes...
Two Navy men are assigned to prisoner escort duty only to discover that the dangerous criminal they are escorting is a beautiful sexpot. Lowbrow comedy has little to recommend it.
Big-screen rehash of the corny 1960s TV series, with the backwoods Clampett clan striking oil and moving to Beverly Hills, where they're prey for sharpie Schneider and his girlfriend Thompson. Actors are enjoyable, but...
A cook Ryback is playing tiger and mouse with thugs plotting to steal nuclear arms from a 900-foot Navy battleship. Along the way he meets former Miss July 89, played by real Miss July 89, who was left behind. You can guess who it is ;)
Mitch's uncle is murdered and Mitch inherits everything. Since uncle lived near South Fork river, Mitch, Hobie, Shauni and Eddie decide to go there on a vacation. Mitch remembers uncle's hideout and finds a map of a treasure.
Couple of divers are attacked by unknown creature from sea. One of them survives and is saved by lifeguards. While describing what happened, a reporter sneaks in and prints an article about a "toxic mutant".
It's Jesse's class reunion. There he meets his great love back then, Carrie. Ten years ago the have split up because Carrie got the chance to be a model in France while Jesse wanted to force his career, but he has made a promise...
A divorcee struggling to make ends meet, but still utilizing her spare time for social causes neglects her daughter in this fact based story. At 18, the daughter starts drifting into bad company and becomes a prostitute.
Successful TV show about work, love and adventure in life of Los Angeles' lifeguards. Eleniak plays member of LA County lifeguard crew, who falls in love with Eddie Krammer, but after their wedding in 3rd season, she leaves the show.
Being a lifeguard in LA has cost Mitch his marriage and ex-wife wants him to limit visits with his son Hobie. Mitch arranges a fishing trip with lifeguard buddy Al in order to cheer Hobie up, but unknowingly leads them into danger.
Remake of a sci-fi movie this time wears horror coat. Something from outer space crashes on the Earth and begins to eat all people it encounters. The Blob grows with every victim until it's too big to be missed by the army.
Jamie Coburn has it all: good looks, great grades and a membership in one of Los Angeles' most notorious gangs. But when she disappears in a gang-related incident, her father is forced to make an investigation of his own.
Charles, a college student, moves in with the Powell family as the housekeeper, babysitter, and friend to the children. Along with his best friend, Buddy, Charles attempts to manage his life, especially college and girls.
TV show. Erika appeared in episode number #5.105 named "Rumors are flying".
Stage role.
Stage role.
A 10-year-old boy befriends a creature from another planet that's been stranded on Earth. A warm, insightful story of childhood innocence, frustration, courage, and love with a remarkable performance by E.T.