Seagal doing Under Siege 3 with Erika?

(October 5, 2008) Steven Seagal wants to do an "Under Siege 3" - so long as it's, er, more ''Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'' than, er, um, "Under Siege".

Seagal tells MTV that there have been discussions about bringing back the Karate Cook. If it works out, he wants some E.T's in there.

"I personally want it to be something more modern," said Seagal, giving us his thoughts on potential storylines. But it's one specific angle that will probably have fans intrigued, to say the least.

"In other words," Seagal began, "I wouldn't mind if it was about something more mystical or...maybe extraterrestrial in nature. Some real government top secrets instead of just the typical."

Funnily enough, Seagal's "Submerged" started out as a film with supernatural elements - I believe it had him taking on some kind of underwater sea creature - but one thing lead to another, and a pair of scissors was used to extract the wackier elements from the script resulting in a film that played as a straight-up action movie. A bad one, but still a more traditional one.

Wouldn't at all be surprised if an "Under Siege 3" is finally in the cards - Sony's getting Van Damme back to do another "Universal Soldier" for DVD, i'd imagine it'll be the same sort of deal for Seagal's sequel. There was a terrific script called "Ryback" floating around, that had the former SEAL working as a security guard and having to team with his old 'hottie' ex Jordan (Erika Eleniak) again, which I'd suggest they should take a look at. It had good splashings of action... and humour. But, er, no aliens. Blank page