Dutch Playboy 1994

This one was there first and when she went away, then the other one came. Baywatch is the name of the series and they seldom come more beautiful than Erika Eleniak & Pamela Anderson on TV.

"The strange thing is", says Erika, "that everything has always come to me by itself, I never had to make any effort. What do I have to thank for such luck? I don't know, but it must be some kind of attraction. Just like men, they too come to me like bears to honey. Sometime that's a hassle. On the other hand you won't hear me complain about all the attention: this way I am never short in anything, including love."

"I'm addicted to love. That's why I enjoy getting to know as many men as possible. It's the only way to experience that sex can be done and enjoyed in many possible ways. I wouldn't have wanted to deny myself that experience. The only thing I have yet to try is having sex with a man under water. I grew up on the coast of California, spent many months in and on the water for Baywatch and have had sex anywhere but in the water. Isn't that strange? I think this will have to change this summer....."

This is all perfect for Erika. Last year as a Playmate she stated, among other things that she found exciting: water and the beach. One of the other lead characters in the series is David Hasslehoff. Not at all bad looking, which makes the series even better of course. it has something for Everyone, as a matter of fact. But let's keep to Erika. Doesn't the series owe a lot of it's popularity to Erika, her body and her outfit? The bathing suit of Shauni McLain, Erika's character in the series, shrinks around her body beautifully when it's wet... The producer, Doug Schwartz, doesn't want to acknowledge any of this: he says: "Isn't it a perfectly ordinary bathing suit? We would surely would have picked more radical suits otherwise. We are certainly not exploiting anyone's body."

She states herself: "I see this as a sort of threshold to a magnificent career as an actress." So will she go from arousing roles for the viewer to more challenging roles for herself? "Something like that. Even though I won't suddenly have a body like a potato bag in the more 'demanding' roles..." What a relief! She doesn't have any concrete plans for the future: "As long as I won't be dominated by anyone." On the question who her ideal male counterpart(s) are in the future, Erika Eleniak tactically answers that there are only a few men she wouldn't want to be in the same picture with. Isn't there one you would favour the most? "Actually three of them," she says playfully, "but I won't tell you. O.K., just one: Kiefer Sutherland. That's all I will say..."

12. 08. 1994 (translation Robert De Ridder)