Astrology as would be written for Erika Eleniak

Stars predict our life. Or not?


Your Sun is Libra, 6.0 Degrees, and is in Direct motion.

This "sign" is the one you are most familiar with, the one you read about in the newspaper. It is your ego, the way you look at life and everyone in it, making it the second most important planet sign in your sexual chart.

You are the truest romantic of the zodiac, being able to see beauty in anything from the simplest of flowers to your own silky form. You see what is good when you look in a mirror, though not blind to what is bad; seeing the visions with an idea of the glass being half full, not half empty. Very much a positive force when it comes to relationships. In fact, the more mirrors, the better; especially in the bedroom. Maybe that is why you know how to make yourself look good, apparently to others; with very little effort. Sexually uninhibited in your relationships, because most things come natural to you particularly if accompanied by the soft caress. The feather-like caress of the romantic. The lover's touch. The best Sun Sign at thinking "we" rather than "me", you can pick up on whatever interests he has and become good at them. Another thing easy to do while falling in love. Which, incidentally is your favorite activity, at times capable of falling in love at least once a week in your youth. But then, love is what the world is all about, and you can never quite feel complete without it. Which is what makes you a "yes" person, almost hating to say no; you like to flow with him in almost everything in life. In fact, you can surprise him with the ease you roll with his ideas of what is fun in your intimacy. Serving to only bring you closer.


Your Sun is Conjunct to Mercury With an Orb of 0 Degrees (Exact Orb).

You enjoy talking about all of the intimate likes and dislikes that you have. With your mate, it is almost necessary to communicate such thoughts. Take the time to make sure that you listen as well, not everyone is as direct as you, making you appear insensitive. Which you aren't.

Your Sun is Squared to Mars With an Orb of 0 Degrees (Exact Orb).

This is one of those you won't get older, you'll get better aspects. In your youth, lots of insecurities; coping with them as your desire for "Mr. Right" builds in intensity to the point where you think you will explode. With the experience earned handling this type of pressure, you are going to be great; just be patient and wait your time.

Your Sun is Quincunx to Saturn With an Orb of 2 Degrees.

You can appear much more critical than you really are. It's just you want perfection within that relationship and are not easily satisfied. Try to learn how to relax and appreciate what you have, which isn't easy; is it?

Your Sun is Conjunct to Uranus With an Orb of 1 Degrees.

The bringer of urges moves about within you. This says the same of your emotional life, where you seem to like your affairs sudden, hot, and kinky! Which makes you great fun if you don't burn the guy out before the two of you are comfortable with each other. Then again, perhaps you don't care.


Your Moon is Taurus, 19.22 Degrees, and is in Direct motion.

The most important influence in feminine sexual charts because it represents your personality and your "receiving". It is your "comfort zone", how you mesh with his loves and passions means a great deal; not only getting into bed, but what you do once you get there.

REFLECTION OF THE SUN: A bit more mellow and you wouldn't move at all, sitting there, like a Buddha, giving good advice to your friends. Being a settling agent to the world around you. Enjoying stability, very systematic; you are very goal oriented with your life. Seeing it in very real terms, without all the fluff and glamour society presents to you. You consider yourself a truthful person, not that you are more honest than others; but it just seems that lying just interferes with what has to be done in life. Though somewhat self centered, you are also very generous with others as well as yourself. Giving of yourself, your time, your money and even sometimes, your things. Generating warmth where ever you go with a smile as big as all outdoors. YOUR COMFORT ZONE: In your own nest, surrounded by all the wonderful things that you own. Being with that someone special; the one who shares your life, your goals, and your ambitions. Someone who is as serious about a relationship as you. Someone who takes you seriously, but with a smile. Someone who likes your things. IN BED: Very affectionate! For you are very physical in a soft sort of way; with lots of cuddling, touching, and caressing, specially in your own comfortable bed. A place where you can take your time enjoying just that. You need someone to get you started on projects--but you can finish them easily if no one hurries you. You like good food, creature comforts, and security--both the financial and motional kind.


Your Moon is Quincunx to Jupiter With an Orb of 5 Degrees.

Lots and lots of energy, capable of wearing down any man. Affectionate? Generous? Both off the end of any human scale.

Your Moon is Trine to Pluto With an Orb of 5 Degrees.

Your's is the quiet inner strength of character. Being able to take risks others would fear because there are few more able to hold everything together than you. Even more, in the event that failure happens; you are capable of carrying him right along with you.


Your Mercury is Libra, 6.7 Degrees, and is in Retrograde motion.

The mental planet, influencing how you think and speak. Which definitely affects your sexuality.

TALKING: The smoothest talker of all the Mercury Signs, you have a knack for saying the right things at the right moments. Easing pressures, making him feel good about himself, and avoiding arguments. Using your charm to add impact to your words, with everything sounding like it is only fair. Which it is, with a subtle softness of comfort. THINKING: You want your relationship to be perfect and beautiful. Beautiful is easy, coming natural to you. But perfect needs constant improvement. Be careful about overdoing the improvement in areas which don't really need it. Sometimes people can grow apart instead of closer. THE WAY YOUR LOVER SHOULD THINK: Thinking "we" is always the first consideration. If he can maintain that thought and not get locked into a competition for improvement, then all will be fine. And beautiful.

Mercury in retrograde makes you a good thinker, just a little different; able to see why rather than just what. Could be a little shy too.


Your Mercury is Squared to Mars With an Orb of 1 Degrees.

You know the frustration of not being able to properly communicate. That sharp tongue of yours doesn't help you get into those romantic situations, but, this too will pass as you age and gather experience. Learning from experience will eventually still your nasty speech, or at least, tone it down enough to be appreciated by someone.

Your Mercury is Quincunx to Saturn With an Orb of 1 Degrees.

Quit being so critical of both yourself and your lover. Only serves to hurt and hinder the affections you have for each other. If you can't, then learn to shut up and not let things bother you for the next time.

Your Mercury is Conjunct to Uranus With an Orb of 1 Degrees.

You have a wonderfully creative mind. Within that relationship, you must be patient with him; replacing your frustration with a little understanding. Not everyone is as imaginative as you. Besides, moving ahead with your intimate pleasures at a slower pace might insure getting all the enjoyment out of an old idea before moving on to a new one.


Your Venus is Virgo, 7.34 Degrees, and is in Direct motion.

Your Love Planet. Sexually passive, it represents how much you enjoy the aggressiveness of his Mars Sign. This is where you will find your idea of beauty, harmony, grace and affection.

You need someone who knows that sex is but a small part of life, yet, can escape his work for some pleasure. Someone willing to spend the time to get to know you well enough to be comfortable with you. Someone who is clean. Someone who is organized. Someone who can relax and be pleased. Someone who can force himself on you when you want him to. Someone who can schedule his time for work and his time for you. Someone who can teach you new avenues to intimate pleasure. Someone who won't hang all over you all the time. Someone smart enough to figure out all the things to make you happy. Someone who can help you overcome public opinion and do what you want to do in private. Someone who is into doing things right. Someone who won't take offense if you try to advise him toward improving himself. Someone who enjoys intimacy on every level. Someone who pays attention to detail. Especially someone who can be both teacher and student with you.


Your Venus is Trine to Mars With an Orb of 2 Degrees.

You feel very comfortable within your intimate love life. With all the enjoyment that you have there already, you really don't see much value into getting experimental or outrageous. Not that you have hang-ups, you don't. It's just you don't really see any need for "extras". Just try to be sensitive to his needs, which might be a little different than yours.

Your Venus is Trine to Saturn With an Orb of 0 Degrees (Exact Orb).

For you, love is treasured and intimacy is the vehicle for that love. Conservative in your outlook toward your relationship; preferring it to be a comfortable experience with someone you trust rather than all fire and flair.


Your Mars is Capricorn, 5.3 Degrees, and is in Direct motion.

The passion planet, representing the depths and tastes of your emotions, and how well you control them; measuring you for levels of intensity and desires.

YOUR DISGUISE: You want to believe that you are not as beautiful as you are; being just a helpless puppy. That thought just depresses you so much, driving you so far down that you hardly notice that there is a manipulation going on to everyone around you. Do they notice? Doubtful. Is it for their own good? Good question, maybe I'll have to ask you. YOUR TEMPER: My oh my, being such a helpless little thing, you sure do know how to lay down a line that others better not cross. Not if they're smart, they won't. YOUR LUST: You want control. Not total control, mind you; just who, when, what, how, and how long. Simple. For who else is better able to handle the responsibility of everyone's satisfaction better than you? No one, of course.


Your Mars is Trine to Saturn With an Orb of 3 Degrees.

You are skilled in the pleasures of intimacy; enough so to make him happy. You just have to be careful that you don't end up doing the same thing every time; making those joys boring after a while. Overconfidence in the bedroom can bring many unfortunate circumstances.

Your Mars is Squared to Uranus With an Orb of 0 Degrees (Exact Orb).

The tender gentle caressing then the sudden sharp sensation drives your desires up and off the scale. You have the capabilities to be very good with your techniques - but only if you force yourself to slow down a little bit.


Your Jupiter is Libra, 14.10 Degrees, and is in Direct motion.

The planet of trust and generosity, dealing with your capacity for giving and receiving. It can also be the place to look for those compulsive desires within you.

YOUR TRUE OBSESSION: Luck, friends, social life, and beauty. With life best served when lived in a story book fashion, with always a happy ending. Life is really dull without a good social life, getting out with friends for a good time, like a nice elegant cocktail party with interesting people. Luck? Some are just born to it. OF THE FLESH: Open and creative, never wanting to be inhibited in your intimacy. Many of your potential long term relationships end when you decide that he is either too sensitive or he is unable to grow with you. Because you know the list of beautiful men never ends.


Your Jupiter is Quincunx to Saturn With an Orb of 6 Degrees.

With each new experience, your views on sex change to the adventurous. The more creative the mind, the more you are apt to change. Remember there are many variables to even the most usual of experiences.


Your Saturn is Taurus, 8.5 Degrees, and is in Retrograde motion.

The planet of fates, maturity, and guilt; dictating much of your inner soul and how you deal with responsibilities. A source place to look for hang ups.

SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET: You hide your greed well, but you know that what you want is the best shows of affection money can buy. Quality illustrating love better than anything, for wouldn't you do the same for him? Wouldn't you? The answer to that question is best exemplified by your behavior in bed. Give, take, or both? HONOR CODE: At times you are too patient with his shortcomings. Be sure you try to communicate better; saving yourself from being taken, in one way or another.

Saturn in retrograde motion usually means you can be sensitive person who doesn't accept help well. And in turn, self destructing from time to time.


Your Saturn is Quincunx to Uranus With an Orb of 3 Degrees.

You have the most satisfaction doing what you feel you shouldn't. With a good line of communications with your lover this can add excitement within your relationship. Set up restrictions of what's a no-no then being forced to do them, can be an awful lot of fun.


Your Uranus is Libra, 4.24 Degrees, and is in Direct motion.

The bringer of urges, affecting you not as much in their "signs", but in the manner of how they aspect (relate) to the other signs in your chart.

A public existence. Being open with you relations to others is exciting, but, it can also rob you of the depth found in stability.


Your Neptune is Scorpio, 26.40 Degrees, and is in Direct motion.

The sign of intuition and beliefs, affecting you not as much in their "signs", but in the manner of how they aspect (relate) to the other signs in your chart.

The more intense the sexual experience, the more depth seems to be added to your relationship. Just be careful you don't say what you can't deliver.


Your Neptune is Sextile to Pluto With an Orb of 1 Degrees.

Yours is a generation of mystically oriented individuals, each of you psychic to some degree.


Your Pluto is Virgo, 25.16 Degrees, and is in Direct motion.

The sign of power, how you use it is affected you not as much in their "signs", but in the manner of how they aspect (relate) to the other signs in your chart.

The recognition that power is not to be taken lightly, for it is serious business. Deserving more attention and effort because it can so easily abused. Much harm has come to this world because of such misuse.

01. 01. 2000 (The Oracle)