Erika Eleniak, first beauty of Baywatch

She was one of the first beauties who graced beaches of Santa Monica in US show Baywatch. Erika Eleniak - for some cheap blondie, for others femma fatale. Nine years she worked as a model and became a Playboy's Playmate of the Year 1989.

Successful, beautiful, wanted. But she always dreamed of only one thing - to steer the ship of her life by herself.

Alcohol, Playboy, sex
Thirty-year old Californian girl likes to emphasize, that her life wasn't easy because her parents divorced very soon. "I chose to be the girl you didn't mess with. I was into Heavy Metal. I didn't have a lot of direction in my life, so maybe I partied too hard", she admits. And alcohol problems appeared very soon. Fortunately, when she was 17, she met Steve Ferguson who nevertheless of being attached to a wheelchair, showed her the right direction. "Thanks to Steve I found sense of my life and finally realized who I am". In Alcoholics Anonymous, where he signed her up to, she cured from addiction to alcohol and from that time she started working on herself meaningfully. As early as 1993 she carried Playmate of Playboy title, but bad tongues say she only took jury with her breasts. However Erika is proud of posing for Playboy and even now, after some time, she doesn't mind that whole world, or at least men's part, do know her physical attractions. "If someone has pretty body, why hide it? In addition nakedness brings up feelings of excitement and sex. And sex is very important and beautiful expression of love" Speaking of excitement, Erika is fascinated by chocolate-covered strawberries, cool sunny days and sunsets. But most of all by the sea. "My father, who worked in navy, taught me to love sea. I still have his jacket which I was wearing in my gatefold shot for Playboy." Right now Erika lives together with her love Ray-Ban William McNamara who loves the sea as well.

From posing to acting
She played in more than twenty third-class movies and for that all she first appeared in famous E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, where she played Elliot's girlfriend. In 1989-1991 she starred on beaches of Santa Monica in Baywatch series and Billy Warlock, her lifeguard-fellow, became her boyfriend for some time not only on TV screen, but in real life as well. In the next years she only made noticeable appearance in Under Siege (1992) and that was only because she costarred with popular Steven Seagal. In this movie she played the role she can do the best - simple-minded and anxious playmate. This year she finished making of movie called Final Voyage and Hollywood tom-toms say, there is nothing to be excited about. Again.

16. 10. 1999 (Marcela Kostalova)

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