E.T. calls his co-stars home

Calgary-based actress joins party 20 years after cameo
Erika Eleniak's favourite alien phoned so she's packing her bags to head off to his big party in planet Hollywood. By Louis B. Hobson. (March 15, 2002)
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E.T 20th Anniversary Special Edition: Interview

Interview with Dee Wallace-Stone and Erika Eleniak
When Steven Spielberg asked actresses Erika Eleniak and Dee Wallace-Stone to star in his new movie – then called A Boy’s Life – the willing starlets signed on the dotted line – Wallace-Stone as Elliot’s mother and Eleniak as the love interest. By Clint Morris. (March 6, 2002)
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Beauty tells lies

David Hasselhoff's loss is Calgary's gain. By Kevin Williamson. (December 6, 2001)
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Panorama 2001

The one that doesn't quit Erika Eleniak.
The former Playmate played Shauni McClain on Baywatch, a role that was the outcome of her largest investment: a breast enlargement in 1988. Since she jumped topless out of a cake in Under Siege (1992), she has been trying to keep her clothes on. By translation by Elektra. (June 26, 2001)
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Moviehole 2001 Interview

It's been twelve years since former "Baywatch" star Erika Eleniak handed in her togs on the top-rating series. Since then she has appeared in several films. By Clint Morris. (March 16, 2001)
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Where are they now?

This Month: Erika Eleniak, master of the breast stroke. By transcribed by Grunthos. (August 30, 2000)
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Astrology as would be written for Erika Eleniak

Stars predict our life. Or not? By The Oracle. (January 1, 2000)
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Babe and Switch

'Panic in the Park' teases players with flashes of its sexy star. But get past the come-on, and it's a plain-jane adventure game--lots of talk and not much action. By Chris Nashawaty. (November 8, 1999)
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Erika Eleniak, first beauty of Baywatch

She was one of the first beauties who graced beaches of Santa Monica in US show Baywatch. Erika Eleniak - for some cheap blondie, for others femma fatale. Nine years she worked as a model and became a Playboy's Playmate of the Year 1989. By Marcela Kostalova. (October 16, 1999)
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Tele Star 1998 interview

A Tele Star interview about wedding, honeymoon and recent work. By Franck Ragainne. (April 19, 1998)
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