87th Precinct: Heatwave

flag_r15.gif USA (1997): Crime/Stalker
Produced by: Hearst Entertainment Productions
Elman review: 3 stars out of 4
92 min (Australia: 90), Rated R, Color, TV film

Producer: Diana Kerew
Director: Douglas Barr (III)


Dale Midkiff (as Det. Steve Carella), Erika Eleniak (as Det. Eileen Burke), Paul Johansson (as Det. Bert Kling), Paul Ben-Victor (as Det. Meyer Meyer (as Paul Ben Victor)), Marc Gomes, Ron Kuhlman, Andrea Ferrell (as Teddy Carella), Michael Gross (I) (as Lt. Peter Byrnes), Louise Vallance (as Margaret Grayson), Annie Kidder (as Marian Piper), Ian D. Clark (as Jerry Piper), Lynne Cormack (as Karen Jenson), Julie Stewart (as Janet Huntley)


It's just one year since a maniac stopped raping women. But now he's back and starts again with the same woman as last time. Police contacts all other victims and tries to set up a trap. Detective Eileen Burke (Erika Eleniak) changes her outlook and moves to one of the victims' flat. The rapist can't see the trap, attacks Eileen and rapes her. She's hiding what happened and tries to catch him. During conversation with one of the previous victims Eileen finds out who he is and arrests him. She decides to tell everybody about what he did to her. This movie has pretty wild camera which makes very good atmosphere. Script is good and you will enjoy this movie.

Note to Erika's Appearance:

Erika had an opportunity to show her acting talent and did it well. This is very good movie and Erika is excellent! Two very good reasons to see it. For all Erika fans it's a must.

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