flag_r15.gif Canada/USA (1998): Thriller
Also known as: Assylum
Produced by: Blackwatch (CA)/Screen Partners (UK)
Release date: March 22, 1999
IMDb user rating: 2 stars out of 4
92 min, Color, Available on VHS and DVD

Director: Roger Cardinal / Rodney Gibbons


Erika Eleniak (as Sam Hoffman), Michael Ironside (as Detective Briscoe), Noel Burton (as Dr. Haggar), Catherine Colvey (as Dr. Kossim), Stewart Bick (as Joel Hoffman), Adrienne Ironside (as Lissy)


Sal Hoffman, the boss of a famous haute couture house, celebrates the marriages with young topmodel Sam Hoffman. The next day, when the newly weds are preparing to spend their honeymoon, Sam discovers she forgot the plane tickets in Sal's office. Sal drives to his office and gets the tickets. Finally home, an armed person comes closer and shoots him.... After his dead, Samantha is interned in a psychiatric facility. Dectective Briscoe gets the case...

Note to Erika's Appearance:

I kinda liked this one. Plot is OK and ending is quite unexpected. It's really entertaining to see Erika playing an insane woman while she thinks she's not, but also thinks that everybody else thinks she is insane thou she's not. You are expected to think she is, but you don't think so, because you think when everybody thinks that you will think she's insane she can't be. But than you think that this pattern is so easy to follow, so you better think she is, when everybody thinks she is yet she thinks she's not. So am I insane when all of you think I'm insane while I think I'm not? Think about it...

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