USA (2009): Comedy
80 min, Rated NR, Color

Producers: Jere Rae-Mansfield
Director: Scott Mansfield


Miguel A. Núńez Jr. (as Bopper (as Miguel Nunez)), Karen Montgomery (as Secretary), Marie-Alise Recasner (as Stewardess), Tracy Vaccaro (as Marlene), Barbara Bosson (as Pam), Squire Fridell (as Newscaster), Mike George (as Lance), Jennifer Tilly (as Joni), Doyle Baker (as Executive), Ed Berke (as Held-up Man), Karen Mayo-Chandler (as Secretary (as Karen Mayo Chandler)), Robert Sherman (as Delivery Man), Shawn Campbell (as Billy), Deborah Harmon (as Mom), Jill Norton (as Suzy), Fred Willard (as Dad), Marilyn Chambers (as Herself), Colleen Camp (as Young Lady), Ed Marinaro (as Phil), Bruce Weitz (as Larry), William Sanderson (as Carl), Wendie Griffin (as Cheerleader), Robin Hoff (as Melanie / Secretary), Bob Seagren (as Frank), J.W. Smith (as Receiver), Byron Stewart (as Mohammed), John Carradine (as Gemtleman), Audrey Landers (as Lois), Peter Scolari (as Phil), Hank Cunnington (as Donald #1), Julia Duffy (as Marjorie), Lisa Fuller (as Stephanie), Denise Gauthier (as Sheila), Ron Hayes (as Donald #2), Don Lara Jr. (as Romano), Russ Parsons (as Seth), Pamela West (as Rhonda), Gail Davis (as Wicked Witch), Mason Nupuf (as Hansel), Ron Sloan (as Ogre), Georg Stanford Brown (as Charlie), Wilson Camp (as Businessman), Paul Cavonis (as Construction Worker), Marvin Cohen (as Bartender), Lou Michaels (as Compaining Wife), Michael Preminger (as Compaining Husband), Paul Sylvan (as Hate' Man), Jeri Lea Ray (as Daughter / Young Lady (as Jere Lea Rae)), Niki Rae (as Mother / Punker), Joshua Grenrock (as Fencer #1), Scott Ingram (as Fencer #2), Lynda Wiesmeier (as Bambi), Ray Buktenica (as Bob), Sybil Danning (as Wife), Dennis Bowen (as WWII Flyer), David Lander (as Fritz #1), Michael McKean (as Fritz #2), Don Bovingloh (as Father), Gregory Levinson (as Bret), Wendie Jo Sperber (as Marquesse de Sade), De'Ann Power (as Wench (as DeAnn Power)), James Sikking (as Dracula (as James B. Sikking)), Delores Cantú (as Maid (as Dolores Cantu)), Diana Muldaur (as Missus Toni), Pilar Delano (as Cavewoman), Les Shenkel (as Inventor Caveman), Stuart Rankine (as Burly Caveman), Joel Blasberg (as Rabbi), Susan Gordon (as Shelly), Sunny Johnson (as Missy (archive footage)), Mark Lowenthal (as Bart), Joel Rice (as Ronnie), Sara Lee Wade (as Missy's Friend), George Wyner (as Irving Rosenbloom Private Eye), Bill Elliott Feingold (as Ezra and the Four Feingolds), Chuck Fiore Feingold (as Ezra and the Four Feingolds), Dennis Herring Feingold (as Ezra and the Four Feingolds), Arno Lucas Feingold (as Ezra and the Four Feingolds), Beau Segal Feingold (as Ezra and the Four Feingolds), Scott Mansfield (as Ezra Birnbaum), Lloyd Alan (as Dino Dante), Meredith Eisenberg (as Young Girl), Rich Hall (as Announcer), Wendy Hoffman (as Bubbles (as Wendy Hoffmann)), Garth Stevens (as Young Dino), Joe Colligan (as Arthur), Carey Salley (as Valerie), Kim Lankford (as Woman), Steve Tannen (as Delivery Man), Christine Bayly (as Lilli), Scott Feinstein (as C.P.A. (as Scott Feinstein C.P.A.)), Jerry Lacy (as Bill), Erika Eleniak (as Brooke), Barry Pearl (as Bob), Paul Thomas (as Roger (as Phillip Toubus)), Lori Wagner (as Sheila), Lisa Fong (as Oriental Mom), Andrew Louie (as Oriental Son), Marla Pennington (as American Mom), Joey Tushnet (as American Son), P.J. Soles (as Young Lady), Meadowlark Lemon (as Willie), Danny Robinson (as Don), Jimmie Walker (as Thomas), Keenan Wynn (as Charlie), Brodie Greer (as Burt), Sandra Will (as Sheila), Linda Blair (as Jamie), Newell Alexander (as Bob), John Howard Swain (as Businessman), Ruble Maxwell Blakey (as Janitor), Gerald Griffin (as Scientist), Jeffery Kramer (as Announcer), Bridgette Monet (as Naked Lady #1 (unconfirmed) (as Dana Kunath)), Joanna Storm (as Naked Lady #2 (unconfirmed)), Fred Fox Jr. (as Assistant Director), Karen Witter (as Randy Miller), Ron Roy (as Jogger), Corey Burton (as Voice Over Announcer (voice)), Jim McKrell (as Voice Over Announcer (voice) (as Jim MacKrell))


Short for The Immoral Minority Picture Show, this irreverent comedy skit anthology from writer-director Scott Mansfield is an equal-opportunity offender, skewering all facets of society with reckless abandon.

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