Baywatch: River of No Return

flag_r12.gif USA (1992): Action/Drama
Distributor: Fremantle International
Elman rating: 2.5 stars out of 4
89 min, Rated PG-13, Color, TV film

Director: Douglas Schwartz


David Hasselhoff (as Mitch Buchannon), Erika Eleniak (as Shauni McClain), Billy Warlock (as Eddie Kramer), Nicole Eggert (as Summer Quinn), David Charvet (as Matt Brody), Pamela Anderson (as C.J. Parker (as Pamela Denise Anderson)), Jeremy Jackson (I) (as Hobie Buchannon), Susan Anton (as Jackie Quinn), Bill McKinney (as Drew), Mickey Jones (I) (as Lonny), Race Nelson (as Clint Chandler), Geoffrey Scott (I) (as Jed), Jim Ishida (as Sheriff Chen), Michael John Meyer (as Swim Coach), Brooke Langton (as Tanya)


Eddie gets to know he's going to Australia for one year as an exchange lifeguard and Shauni is upset about that. Mitch's uncle is murdered and Mitch as his only family inherents everything. Since uncle lived near South Fork river, Mitch, Hobbie, Shauni and Eddie decide to go on a vacation to those places. After arriving there, they find uncle's house mussy and meet CJ, former LA lifeguard. Mitch remembers that uncle once showed him his hideout and finds there a map of a treasure. Group goes after this treasure, but they are followed by two villains. Shauni tells Eddie she's pregnant and decides to go back to the hotel where they stayed, but she is kidnaped by two villains who try to swap her for the map. Mitch and Eddie manage to save Shauni and keep the map. Eddie agrees to marry Shauni. Together they find the treasure, but are robbed by a local sheriff whose kayak sinks and treasure disappears deep in South Fork river. After returning to LA Shauni marries Eddie and they leave to Australia for honeymoon.

Note to Erika's Appearance:

I like this movie and it's among my the most favorite. It's one of the best Baywatch movies/episodes, probably because it takes place somewhere else than on a beach and adventure in the main essence here. Erika plays her role well and it's really nice to see her in a wedding dress. Also Erika has new haircut and it's the shortest I've seen.

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