Strike Force

flag_r12.gif USA (2004): Action
Also known as: The Librarians
Shown at: Cannes film festival (April 2000)
96 min, Color

Written by: William Forsythe, Mike Kirton
Producers: Anthony Rosamilia, Robert Nittolo
Director: Mike Kirton


William Forsythe, Burt Reynolds, Erika Eleniak, Daniel Bernhardt, Christopher Atkins, Andrew Divoff, Mateus Hughs


STRIKE FORCE Ex-CIA Agent Simon (William Forsythe) leads a renegade Strike Force that will let nothing stop them, not even the law, in accomplishing their highly sensitive missions. Called to action when a number of young girls begin disappearing without a trace, the team hones in on Marcos (Andrew Divoff), a ruthless and highly dangerous character. Running an extensive crime ring, Marcos and his gang kidnap and drug young girls, selling them to the highest bidder.

As Simon begins to uncover this sinister operation, he meets and falls for the beautiful Sandy Miller (Erika Eleniak), one of Marcos' "girls". Suspicious at first, Simon soon learns that Sandy has risked her life to infiltrate Marcos' world in a desperate attempt to locate her missing sister. With uncommon courage and little time to spare, Simon and his team locate the whereabouts of the kidnapped girls and engineer a daring rescue mission. In the ensuing chaos, Marcos and his small army battle Simon's renegade team to the death.

When the smoke settles, the strike force is victorious and it looks as if Sandy just may join them in their ongoing quest for justice.

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