Stealth Fighter

flag_r15.gif USA (1999): Action/Adventure
Distributor: Cinetel Films
Elman Review: 2.0 stars out of 4
85 min, Color

Producers: Paul Hertzberg, Ice-T
Jay Andrews


Mark Adair-Rios (as Manuel Vega), Paul Terrell Clayton (as Lt. Phillips), Sarah Dampf (as J.P. Mitchell), Andrew Divoff (as Robert Menendez), Steve Eastin (as Lt. Ton.), Erika Eleniak (as Erin Mitchell (as Erika Eleniak-Goglia)), John Enos III (as Larry Ramsey), George Gerdes (as Alexander Chez), Trevor Gordan (as Navel Marson), Clay Greenbush (as M. Hudson), Steve J. Hennessy (as Brett Kelly), Jon Huertas (as Lt. Brady Elias), Ernie Hudson (as President Westwood), Ice-T (as Owen Turner), Tom 'Tiny' Lister Jr. (as Berg)


Ice-T stars as a naval pilot who fakes his own death and winds up working on the wrong side of the law in South American. He steals a stealth fighter from a U.S. military base and uses it to bomb foreign military installations. A naval officer is then assigned to stop the bomb-crazed madman and return stealth fighter. This is quite good B-class action movie and Ice-T proves that he is familiar with this kind of roles. Action sequences has standard quality and you won't see anything really extraordinary, but if you are military aircraft fan you will be very pleased.

Note to Erika's Appearance:

In this one is Erika Mandylors's wife who is uncomfortable with his job and believes that their relationship won't work. Mandylor then promises he's gonna quit as naval pilot, but unfortunately he HAS to take this LAST assignment (haven't I seen this before?). Erika appears very shorty (all the time I kept wondering how could Erika star in 5 movies in 1999, but now I see - she appears like 5 minutes in each of them) so there's not time to start real acting...

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