Caught in the Headlights

USA/Canada (2004): Action / Thriller
Filmed on location: Saskatoon, Canada

Producers: Philip Doerksen, David Doerksen
Director: Gavin Wilding


Erika Eleniak (as Kate Parker), Kim Coates (as Harry Eden), Brigitta Dau (as Claire Scott), Stacy Keach (as Mr. Jones), Erin Gray (as Mrs. Jones), Gary Chalk (as Sergeant), Stephen Huszar (as Officer Duncan Finney), Jody Peters (as Back up Man), Kevin Stiller (as Nathan Cohen)


Federal Agent Kate Parker (Erika Eleniak) is sent on her first field assignment since losing a mob informant three years prior. She is expecting a simple case of “retrieve and return”: Claire Scott (Brigitta Dau) is a young murder witness who has fled the country and must be transported back to the United States. But Kate and Claire are faced with immediate danger from Mr. and Mrs. Jones (Stacey Keach and Erin Grey), a husband and wife hit-team who have been hired by a mysterious and elusive international rogue agent.

Claire is on the run for a crime she didn’t commit and the deadly secret she unwittingly carries puts both women in constant danger. C.I.A operative Harry Eden (Kim Coates) and local police officer Duncan Finney (Stephen Huszar) get involved as the twists and turns escalate into a frenzied cat and mouse game.

Kate and Claire’s efforts to escape are thwarted every turn by the killers who seem to anticipate their next move before they even make it. Only able to trust each other, the two women partner together and forge a unique bond in an attempt to survive a deadly race across the country.

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