flag_r18.gif USA (1998): Thriller/Mystery/Drama
Also known as: Charades, First Degree
Street date: May 14, 2002
IMDb user review: 3 stars out of 4
94 min, Color, Rated NR, Available on DVD, VHS

Director: Stephen Eckelberry


Erika Eleniak (as Monica), James Wilder (as Quinn), C. Thomas Howell (as Evan), Kimberley Kates (as Laura), Jack Scalia (as Barry), Karen Black (as Jude), James Russo (as Max Targenville), Richard Hillman (as Tow Truck Driver), Robert Fields (as Paul Curtiss), James Andronica (as Sgt. Demski), Robert Hoffmo (as Sgt. Muldoon), Don Moss (as FBI Chief), Zoe Clarke-Williams (as Quinn's Secretary), Jann Karam (as Receptionist), Niklaus Lang (as FBI 2)


A friendly barbeque goes haywire when a murder begins to unravel and greed sets in for the missing ransom. Before the night is over, those behind the scandal will be exposed (literally), and the surviving guests will go home with blood on their hands and a bad taste in their mouth!


Watching this film from the end is much easier but it's OK! Good cast, Thomas C Howell should be more exposed in the story - he's a great actor, even when he's a bit wounded. Wounds, blood and violence - remember, there is much of it here. The moment the first blood appears is both comic and shocking - worth waiting for! And we've got two pretty flowers here - Erika and red-headed, sexy, unfaithul wife Kimberley Kates. And remember - don't ever do the same thing to the guy who takes your car away from your neighbour's pavement!

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