Second to Die

flag_r15.gif USA (2001): Psychological thriller
Produced by: Whatever Works Films
Filmed on location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Elman Rating: 2.5 stars out of 4
Release date: April 2002

Screenwriter: George Morgan
Producer: Paula Silver
Director: Brad Marlowe, Sean Marlowe


Erika Eleniak (as Sara), Jerry Kroll (as Raymond 'Scooch' Scucello), Colleen Camp (as Cynthia), John Wesley Shipp (as Jim), Brooke Davis (as Nikki), Amy Beth Reece (as Det. McCoury), Jackie O'Brien (as Thelma), Jf Pryor (as Zed), Kimberly Rowe (as Amber), Margaret Avery, Paul Winfield (as Detective Grady)


When middle-class housewife Sara Mayfield grows tired of being middle-class, she plots the "accidental" demise of her husband to cash in on his two million dollar life insurance policy. But afterwards, when she submits the insurance claim, Sara discovers nothing is as it seems, and her carefully laid plans quickly spiral out of control.

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