E.T. The Extra - Terrestrial

flag_ru.gif USA (1982): Science Fiction
Leonard Maltin Review: 4.0 stars out of 4
Also known as: Boy's Life, A
115 min, Rated PG, Color, Available on VHS, DVD and laserdisc

Director: Steven Spielberg


Dee Wallace-Stone (as Mary), Henry Thomas (as Elliott), Peter Coyote (as Keys), Robert MacNaughton (as Michael), Drew Barrymore (as Gertie), K.C. Martel (as Greg), Sean Frye (as Steve), C. Thomas Howell (as Tyler), Erika Eleniak (as Pretty Girl), David M. O'Dell (as Schoolboy), Richard Swingler (as Science Teacher), Frank Toth (as Policeman), Robert Barton (as Ultra Sound Man), Michael Durrell (as Van Man), David Berkson (as Medic)


A 10-year-old boy (Thomas) befriends a creature from another planet that's been stranded on Earth. A warm, insightful story of childhood innocence, frustration, courage, and love with a remarkable "performance" by E.T. An exhilarating experience for young and old alike. Screenplay by Melissa Mathison. John Williams won an Oscar for his soaring score, as did the sound and visual effects teams. Trivia note: Debra Winger contributed to E.T.'s voice.

Note to Erika's Appearance:

In this Erika's debut you can see her just for 30 seconds in Thomas' dream about kissing her. And Erika is about 1 foot taller than Thomas...

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