flag_r12.gif USA (1989-2000): Action/Drama
Erika Eleniak appearance (1989-1991)
Distributor: Fremantle International
Elman review: 2.5 stars out of 4
~ 45 min, Color, TV series

Producers: Michael Berk, Gregory J. Bonann, Jack Clements, David Hasselhoff, Douglas Schwartz
Reza Badiyi, Cliff Bole and others

Cast Includes:

David Hasselhoff (as Mitch Buchannon), Parker Stevenson (as Craig Pomeroy), Vanessa Angel (as Megan), Shawn Weatherly (as Jill Riley), Pamela Bach (as Kay Morgan), Billy Warlock (as Eddie Krammer), Erika Eleniak (as Shauni McClain), Brandon Call (as Hobie Buchannon), John Allen Nelson (as John D. Cort), Peter Phelps (as Trevor Cole), Holly Gagnier (as Gina Pomeroy), Tom McTigue (as Harvey Miller), Monte Markham (as Captain Don Thorpe), Richard Jaeckel (as Lieutenant Ben Edwards), Nicole Eggert (as Summer Quinn), Pamela Anderson (as C.J. Parker), Jeremy Jackson (I) (as Hobie Buchannon), Gregory Alan Williams (as Sgt. Garner Ellerbee), Michael Newman (I) (as Newman)


Successful TV series showing work, love and adventure in life of Los Angeles lifeguards. Erika Eleniak plays member of LA County lifeguard crew, who falls in love with Eddie Krammer (played by Billy Warlock) and in 3rd season opener named "River of No Return" she marries him. Just after wedding they leave LA and go to Australia on honeymoon. Both, Erika Eleniak and Billy Warlock, left Baywatch in 1992 and planned to live together but they relationship hit the rocks. It's said that Erika left Baywatch because she wanted to start her own career, but more likely she left because Pamela Anderson was considered more "marketable". Who knows?

Note to Erika's Appearance:

This is the series that made Erika famous and I guess all of you know Erika because of Baywatch. Erika plays in 41 episodes and 3 pilots. Larger roles she played in episodes "Rookie School", "Cruise Ship", "Shelter Me", "Snake Eyes", "Shark Derby", "Old Friends" of season 1; "Money, Honey", "The Big Spill", "Thin or Die", "The One That Got Away", "The Lost Treasure of Tower 12", "Shark's Cove", "Summer of '85", "Game of Chance", "Just Sit Back And You Will Hear A Tale" of season 2; "River of No Return part 1", "River of No Return part 2" of season 3. I think this series' role is Erika's one of the best played role so far.

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