Daughter of the Streets

USA (1990)
Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Color De Luxe, TV film

Director: Edwin Sherin


Roxana Zal (as Charley), Harris Yulin (as John Franco), Martha Scott (as Sarah), John Stamos (as Joey), Peter White (as Herb), Brynn Horrocks (as Lisa), Brandon Maggart (as Detective Olsen), Randy Brooks (as Byron), Erika Eleniak (as Jennifer), Felton Perry (as Captain Towers), Lorinne Vozoff (as Brustin), Michael Medeiros (as Ted), Matt Landers (as Thomas), Pat O'Neal (as Alex), Tracy Fraim (as Mike), Robert King (as Fred), Tonyo Melendez (as Garcia), Anne Betancourt (as Eva), Vivian Bonnell (as Mary)


A divorcee (Alexander) struggling to make ends meet, but still utilizing her spare time for social causes neglects her daughter (Zal) in this fact-based story. At 18, the daughter starts drifting into bad company and eventually becomes a prostitute. To try to get her back in a proper life, her mother abducts her off the street and forcibly brings her home.

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