Pandora Project, The

flag_r15.gif USA (1998): Action/Adventure
Also known as: Dead on Target (German TV title)
Distributor: Pioneer Entertainment
Filmed on location: Los Angeles
Street Date: September 2, 1999
Elman rating: 1.0 stars out of 4
92 min (USA: 89), Rated R, Color, Available on VHS and DVD

Directors: John Terlesky, Jim Wynorski


Daniel Baldwin (as Captain John Lacy), Erika Eleniak (as Wendy Lane), Richard Tyson (as Bill Stenwick), Tony Todd (I) (as Garrett Houtman), Jeff Yagher (as Bruce Bobbins), Bo Jackson (as Manson), Robert Hegyes (as Enrique Gutierrez), Mark Adair-Rios (as Momo), Mimi Cozzens (as Margaret Wilding), Steve Franken (as Sam Davis), Richard Gabai (as Ensign Newbie), Mark Haining (as President), Ann Howard (III) (as Jackie Dickerson), Lenny Juliano (as Mitchell), Thyme Lewis (as CIA Officer Lehman), Rolando Molina (as Mr. Big), Dave Richards (III) (as Dr. Martin Adler), Brad Rowe (as Tim Lacy), Richard Tanner (as Steven Shumer), Jose Yenque (as Tomas)


Pandora is a top secret experimental U.S. military peacekeeping device with the capacity to destroy organic matter while leaving inorganic matter unharmed. When Pandora is stolen by renegade commando Bill Stenwick (Richard Tyson), John Lacy (Daniel Baldwin) is sent to recapture it. Lacy is the smartest, toughest agent from Secret Operations, and he also happens to be Stenwick's former mentor. When these two adversaries face off against each other, the fate of the world hinges on the outcome.

Note to Erika's Appearance:

Erika is TV reporter and Lacy's loving wife but unfortunately at the end she gets between Stenwick's evil plans and Lacy's "obsessing" to destroy Pandora's box. Fortunately for us we can enjoy a little of Erika and her standard performance. BTW are you interested in what I think about this movie? I have just 3 words to describe this movie: stupid, stupid and stupid.

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