Baywatch: Nightmare Bay

flag_r12.gif USA (1991): Action/Drama
Distributor: Fremantle International
Elman rating: 1.5 stars out of 4
87 min, Rated PG-13, Color, TV film

Producers: Douglas Schwartz, Michael Berk, Gregory J. Bonann, David Hasselhoff
Director: ?


David Hasselhoff (as Mitch Buchannon), Erika Eleniak (as Shauni McClain), Billy Warlock (as Eddie Kramer), Nicole Eggert (as Summer Quinn), David Charvet (as Matt Brody), Pamela Anderson (as C.J. Parker (as Pamela Denise Anderson)), Jeremy Jackson (I) (as Hobie Buchannon), Susan Anton (as Jackie Quinn), Bill McKinney (as Drew), Mickey Jones (I) (as Lonny), Race Nelson (as Clint Chandler), Geoffrey Scott (I) (as Jed), Jim Ishida (as Sheriff Chen), Michael John Meyer (as Swim Coach), Brooke Langton (as Tanya)


Two divers are attacked by unknown creature from sea. One of them survives and is saved by lifeguards.While explaining what happened a reporter sneaks in and prints an article about a "jellyfish toxic mutant" (as Mitch makes a joke about it). Yet lifeguards are unable to track it down because of old boats they have, but after two ships are sunk, Baywatch gets new boats and hunt for mutant begins. At the end they are very surprised to find out that this mutant is in fact small submarine which tried to cover up illegal actions of an oil company. Meanwhile Shauni saves a life of young girl who lives in East LA and convinces her and her brother to join special program held by Baywatch. At the end Shauni gets a medal for valor.

Note to Erika's Appearance:

For all Erika fans this TV movie might be a disappointment. Erika appears here only for few minutes (maybe 10) in a minor plot. After what she showed in season 1 of Baywatch, they could write better role for her. And in addition I think Erika's acting isn't anything above average this time... but don't get me wrong, she's cute as always.

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