Meant to Be

USA (2012): Drama
90 min

Director: Bradley Dorsey


Bradley Dorsey (as Nathan), Erika Eleniak (as Linda), Erin Sossamon (as Tori), Della Reese (as Mave), Dean Cain (as Mike), Michael Gross (as Mr. Trantham), Kristen Renton (as Shelly), Colleen Foy (as Becky), Danielle Hoetmer (as Flight Attendant #2), Aaron Webster (as Doctor), Dario A. Lee (as Background Talent), Kate Rene Gleason (as Nurse), Leticia Robles (as Flight Attendant), Stephen Petree (as Musician), Waymond Lee (as Plane Passenger / Hospital Visitor (uncredited))


Life on Purpose (aka Meant to Be) is a faith-based feature film about a young man in search of his birth mother. Along the way he discovers himself and God's plan.

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