Absolute Zero

Canada (2005): Sci-Fi / Thriller
Produced by: Zero Street Productions
96 min, Rated NR, Color, TV film

Producers: Harvey Kahn
Director: Robert Lee


Erika Eleniak (as Bryn), Jeff Fahey (as David), Jessica Amlee (as Sophie), Michael Ryan (as Jeff), Christopher Rosamond (as Weather Tech)


Millions of years ago, a thriving planet Earth was engulfed by a sudden freeze so extreme that it wiped out all forms of life. Plants withered and died. Dinosaurs faded into extinction. Oceans froze. Now, while researching bizarre weather conditions off the coast of Miami, a group of scientists led by Dr. David Kotzman have discovered a shocking truth: the ice age is coming back. With the city of Miami quickly becoming a frozen tundra, it's all about survival. Isolated from the rest from the rest of the country, they have no idea if Miami is alone in this freakish storm or if the entire world is headed for extinction. Together they must get out of the storm and fight for their lives in the ultimate showdown of man versus elements.

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