Fatal Reunion

Canada (2005): Horror / Thriller
Filmed on location: Vancouver
?? min, Rated ?, Color

Director: George Erschbamer


Erika Eleniak (as Jessica Hartley Landers), David Millbern (as Russell Landers), Michelle Harrison (as Samantha Banton), Michael Bergin (as Marcus Declan), Stephen Chang (as Kendo Master), Barbara Fixx (as Rosemary), Philip Granger (as Detective Weber), Ashley Hale (as Katie Landers), Juliet Landau (as Lisa Calders/Dana Declan), Sonya Salomaa (as Lynne), Lucia Walters (as Claire)


Jennifer Landers has been living a perfect life as a stay-at-home mom with a part-time graphics business. However, she has grown suspicious that her husband Garrett, a high profile ad executive, is having an affair. Her friends convince her to look up Marcus, an old high school crush. Jennifer calls up Marcus and they meet for coffee. Instantly hitting it off, they arrange to meet for dinner. Jennifer is pleased by the attention, but then it is revealed to her that her suspicions about her husband are wrong. Jennifer is immensely relieved and realizes she genuinely loves her husband.

Marcus won’t be brushed off so easily, however. He starts following Jennifer, begging her to talk to him, and she gets threatening emails and phone calls. Jennifer and Garrett call the police. Without evidence, though, they can’t hold Marcus. And Lisa, a Dallas attorney, arrives and tells Jennifer that Marcus has done this before, to other women – with deadly consequences. Jennifer and Garrett go along with Lisa’s plan to capture Marcus – a plan that may cost them everything.

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