Good Teacher, The

USA/Canada (2004): Thriller / Drama
Produced by: West Coast Pictures
Filmed on location: Furry Creek
?? min, Rated ?, Color, Budget US$ 1.6-million

Producers: Harvey Kahn, Joe Broido
Director: Michael M. Scott


Erika Eleniak, Patricia Kalember, Ken Tremblett, Lori Triolo, William McDonald, Keely Purvis


Samantha Stephens (Patricia Kalember) seems to have the picture perfect life - a great career as an illustrator, a successful surgeon husband and two beautiful children, but beneath the surface everything is not OK. She is unnerved by a recent sense of paranoia and believes a mysterious stranger is following her everywhere. When her daughter Molly's (Keely Purvis) grades begin to plummet, Samantha arranges a meeting with Molly's new teacher, Victoria Paige (Erika Eleniak). Samantha immediately captivated by Victoria’s sharp wit, beauty and passion for education... so much so that she hires Victoria to tutor Molly at their home after school.

The entire Stephens family is immediately won over by Victoria. Molly's grades improve and Victoria's increased presence around the house provides so much needed stability in Samantha's life. Not everyone is charmed by Victoria, including Samantha's neighbor and best friend Jane (Lori Triolo), who questions Victoria's intentions. Samantha dismisses Jane's suspicion as jealousy over her new constant companion and her relationship with Victoria continues to grow.

Soon Samantha's paranoia increases after she is haunted by series of foreboding incidents, including prank phone calls with strange signals, missing household items, mysterious family illness and midnight intruder. In her mind state, Samantha is unsure who is responsible - could it be Victoria, a possessive Jane, the mysterious stranger or just a figment of her over reactive imagination?

After twisting her ankle in a fall during shopping spree with Victoria, leaving her to sit at home while her family and Victoria go skiing, Samantha begins to speculate whether the mishap was an accident at all. She investigates into Victoria's background and, with the help of the mysterious stranger, uncovers a complex web of lies, deceit and murder. Now Samantha must prevent from Victoria repeating her deadly actions of past to save her family's future.

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