"Fantasy Island"

flag_rpg.gif USA (1998-1999): Comedy
Distributor: ABC
~45 min, Rated PG, Color, TV series

Directors: Gilbert Adler, Stephen Gragg and more


Malcolm McDowell (as Mr. Roarke), M├Ądchen Amick (as Ariel), Edward Hibbert (as Harry), Louis Lombardi (as Cal), Sylvia Sidney (as Clia), Fyvush Finkel (as Fisher), Erika Eleniak


"Innocent" (episode # 1.11) playing "Sybil Hammond" (1/9/1999)


Erika's character wanted to be a virgin again so she had to say NO to all the men she had sex with before, including the "nice guy". Will she be able to keep her pants up the whole time? Well, she realized that dumping the "nice guy" was the worst decision in her life because with all the fun she had and the experiences she did, she missed the most important thing, Love. So, there must be hope.

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