Beverly Hillbillies, The

flag_rpg.gif USA (1993): Comedy
Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox
Leonard Maltin Review: 1.0 stars out of 4
92 min (UK: 103, Spain: 93), Rated PG, Color, Available on DVD, VHS and laserdisc

Director: Penelope Spheeris


Diedrich Bader (as Jethro/Jethrine), Dabney Coleman (as Mr. Drysdale), Buddy Ebsen (as Barnaby Jones), Erika Eleniak (as Elly May), Zsa Zsa Gabor (as Herself), Cloris Leachman (as Granny), Dolly Parton (as Herself), Rob Schneider (as Woodrow Tyler), Lea Thompson (as Laura Jackson), Lily Tomlin (as Miss Jane Hathaway), Jim Varney (as Jed Clampett), Linda Carlson (as Aunt Pearl), Penny Fuller (as Margaret Drysdale), Kevin Connolly (I) (as Morgan Drysdale), Lyman Ward (as Chief Gallo)


Big-screen rehash of the corny 1960s TV series, with the backwoods Clampett clan striking oil and moving to Beverly Hills, where they're prey for sharpie Schneider and his girlfriend (Thompson). The actors playing the family are earnest and enjoyable, but the script (by four writers) is more lamebrained than the sitcom ever was, with smarmy sex jokes thrown in for good measure. Even worse, director Spheeris doesn't seem to know how to stage a gag.

Note to Erika's Appearance:

She is the only reason why I've seen this movie 5 times. In the first half of the movie she plays hill billie girl with some disgusting habits, but after she dressed herself into nice red dress she's glorious. This movie is poor and most of time you see just stupid grins.

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