Bordello of Blood

flag_r18.gif USA (1996): Horror
Distributor: Universal Pictures
Lawrence Van Gelder (N.Y. Times News Service Review
Babylon Rating: 2.5 stars out of 4
87 min (Germany: 69), Rated R, Color, Budget: $5.5 million

Producer and Director: Gilbert Adler


John Kassir (as The Crypt Keeper (voice)), Dennis Miller (I) (as Rafe Guttman), Erika Eleniak (as Katherine Verdoux), Angie Everhart (as Lillith), Chris Sarandon (as Reverend Current), Corey Feldman (as Caleb Verdoux), Aubrey Morris (as McCutcheon), Phil Fondacaro (as Vincent Prather), William Sadler (as The Mummy), Kiara Hunter (as Tamara), Leslie Ann Phillips (as Patrice), Juliet Reagh (as Tallulah), Eli Gabay (as Miguel), Matt Hill (I) (as Reggie), Eric Keenleyside (as Noonan)


By the time it's all over -- after the glimpses of bare bosoms and buttocks, the ravenous eyes, the bloody fangs, the glistening pulsating viscera, the ripped-off heads and the exploding, flaming, molten decomposing flesh -- "Bordello of Blood" really cannot bear much logical examination. But based on a story by Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis (the "Back to the Future" team) and directed by Gilbert Adler from his screenplay with Al Katz, this not-so-grand guignol has something to commend it besides the toothsome women who play the vampires. It doesn't take itself seriously. It has a witty style (as when Lilith tempts Rafe by shape-shifting into a cheerleader, Marilyn Monroe in the famous white pleated dress and Katherine, or when the vampire prostitutes are done in by holy water shot from plastic toy pistols). And its humor is irreverent and up to the minute. Rafe, evidently an "X-Files" watcher, prepares Katherine for his theory about the goings-on in the mansion by saying, "I'm going to advance a weird Duchovnian riff."

Note to Erika's Appearance:

I just love this movie. Since I'm a horror fan I pretty much enjoyed it and it'd be fun to watch it also without Erika's appearance. Erika plays a promotion manager for local priest and tries to find her missing brother. She calls a private investigator (Miller) who discovers that Erika's brother went to vampire whorehouse where everybody disappears. Then Erika and Dennis start to fight agains this evil world...

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