Pyromaniac's Love Story, A

flag_rpg.gif USA (1995): Comedy/Romance
Also known as: Burning Love (Belgium video title)
Distributor: Hollywood Pictures/Buena Vista Pictures
Leonard Maltin Review: 2.0 stars out of 4
94 min, Rated PG, Color

Director: Joshua Brand


William Baldwin (as Garet), John Leguizamo (as Sergio), Sadie Frost (as Hattie), Erika Eleniak (as Stephanie), Michael Lerner (as Perry), Joan Plowright (as Mrs. Linzer), Armin Mueller-Stahl (as Mr. Linzer), Mike Starr (as Sergeant Zikowski), Julio Oscar Mechoso (as Jerry), Floyd Vivino (as Ass Pincher), Babs Chula (as Ass Pincher's Wife), Tony Perri (as Man in Car), Randy Butcher (as Driver), Lesley Kelly (as Jail Police Woman / Desk Officer), Jennifer Rolin (as Maid), Elena Kudaba (as Mrs. Olden), Michael McCullough (as Bartender)


A bakery burns to the ground, the work of an unknown arsonist, and the act evokes such unique emotions among a varied group of romantics that just about everyone claims responsibility for the deed except the real culprit. Minor attempt at generating the same loopy romantic sprit as films like Moonstruck; has its moments and some spry performances, but is too slight to make an impression. Feature directing debut for Brand, who co-created the TV series "St. Elsewhere" and "Northern Exposure".

Note to Erika's Appearance:

In this movie you can see Erika just in opening 2 minutes and then in last 30 minutes. She plays a girl from rich family who is arrogant and magisterial. This time is Erika in the shadow of Baldwin's, Leguizamo's and Frost's appearances and her role doesn't bring much interesting.

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