Christmas Rush :: Interview with Eric Roberts

flag_r15.gif USA (2002): Action
Also known as: Breakaway
Filmed on location: Canada
First airing: December 1, 2002 on TBS
Jay Rating: 2.5 stars out of 4
Release date on DVD: January 27, 2003
87 min, Color

Director: Charles Robert Carner

Q: What attracted you to this movie?
A: I like the script, and I like the people involved. But I mostly signed on because I love heist stories. And this movie has some real emotional motivation. It's got some texture to it.

Q: How would you describe this movie?
A: It's a thriller with some dry, edgy humor.

Q: You've played a lot of villains in your career. What is it about them that you enjoy?
A: I enjoy playing what I call "bad" guys. They always have the nicest clothes, the nicest cars and the flashiest wife or girlfriend. And they always have the best dying scenes, so they're fun to play. But this guy isn't one of my "bad" guys. This guy is actually a decent man; he just steals for a living.

Q: So your character's not really a "bad" guy?
A: He's a great guy. He's great at what he does. What he does is illegal, so everyone looks on him as a "bad" guy. But unless you rape, kill or kidnap, I don't think you're a black, evil thing. You are what we all are, which is basically gray. There are no real white hats and black hats. We're all in gray hats. I think this story shows that. Dean's a cop who's not perfect, and I'm a thief who's basically a good guy. So you have these two gray men who are trying to outwit each other.

Q: What's been the most fun part of making this movie?
A: As kids, we've all wanted to hide in a mall after it closes and have it all to ourselves. That's what we're doing with this movie, because we shoot here after the mall has already closed for the night. So it's kind of cool to have the mall all to ourselves.

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