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flag_r12.gif USA (1989-2000): Action/Drama
Erika Eleniak appearance (1989-1991)
Distributor: Fremantle International
Elman review: 2.5 stars out of 4
~ 45 min, Color, TV series

Producers: Michael Berk, Gregory J. Bonann, Jack Clements, David Hasselhoff, Douglas Schwartz
Reza Badiyi, Cliff Bole and others

Season 1 1989-1990
No. Episode title Summary Rate
101 Panic at Malibu Pier Being a lifeguard has cost Mitch Buchannon his marriage and ex-wife Gayle wants him to limit visits with his son Hobie. Mitch arranges a fishing trip with lifeguard buddy Al in order to cheer Hobie up, but unknowingly leads them into danger. Craig Pomeroy puts his law practice on hold to concentrate on lifeguarding. However, the troubled young girl he rescues becomes obsessed with her "hero". Rookies Eddie Kramer and Shauni McClain share first-day nerves with a respected pro. 1
102 In Deep A windsurfer dies when two of Hobie's friends are involved in a power ski hit-and-run accident. When Hobie discovers they are responsible, he has a decision to make - Will he keep quiet and leave the case unsolved, or will he risk his father's wrath by telling him?
103 Heat Wave Mitch's old friend Steven with his son Mike turn up for a surprise visit. Mike gets trapped in a storm drain and is in danger of drowning. Steve is forced to admit he kidnapped his son because of a custody battle with his ex-wife. Craig has to decide between staying at his legal firm or lifeguarding until Gina suggests opening his own firm. 1
104 Second Wave Eddie's old buddy Jimmy from Philadelphia turns up and creates mayhem. When Jimmy challenges Eddie, on the way to a rescue, the rookie lifeguard beats him up with a lifeguarding can. Eddie gets suspended and Jimmy torches his lifeguard tower - with Eddie and Shauni inside - in an act of revenge!
105 Message in a Bottle When Gayle's job means a transfer to Ohio, Hobie gets caught in a custody battle. Mitch is unwilling to let Hobie go with her, but both parents must put their differences aside when Hobie and his two friends get stranded on a channel island which is the hideout of modern-day pirates. 1,5
106 The Drowning Pool When a man dies in front of Jill's tower, it's filed as drowning due to heart attack on the incident report. Jill decides to investigate to find out what really happened to the victim. She is shocked to discover that deceased's son may have murdered his father in order to inherit the family business. 0,5
107 The Sky is Falling When Gayle's job transfers her to Ohio earlier than expected, she again plans to take Hobie with her. A hostile Mitch still protests. Elsewhere a plane crashes and a pair of thieves try to recover a suitcase full of cash which is left floating in the water. Thorpe assigns himself to Eddie and Shauni's tower. 0,5
108 The Cretin of the Shallows A rash of murders coincides with the opening of a new beachfront hotel. Craig does some investigating and discovers that the senator who will speak at the opening ceremony knew all the victims. Gina looks after Eddie after he gets his impacted wisdom teeth removed. A local boy has crush on Shauni. 2
109 Rookie School Eddie gets involved with a girl who is fleeing from her murderous ex-boyfriend. Craig and Gina take a romantic weekend trip in order to "become parents". Trevor attends rookie school so he can become a county-certified lifeguard.
110 Cruise Ship Eddie is suspicious of Shauni's new boyfriend, Andrew, but Shauni pays no heed until Andrew becomes demanding and physically violent. Craig is forced to make a daring rescue with Mitch when the boat carrying drunken revellers gets out of control and heads straight for the Santa Monica pier.
111 Shelter Me As the Baywatch crew ready themselves for an oncoming tropical storm, a pair of escaped convicts shoot Garner under the pier, and take cover at headquarters. The stormy weather throws up some passion between Eddie and Shauni, while Thorpe auditions for a radio job as a surf reporter. 2,5
112 The Reunion At a reunion of old friends, Mitch rekindles a romance with a former love, which leads to rivalry with Craig, who dated her years ago too. After much frustration, Eddie purchases the car of his dreams for only a couple of thousand dollars - a bargain until he finds out that it's stolen. 1
113 Armored Car Jill plots to get back at her ex-boyfriend for dumping her by teaming up with Trevor to face him in a volleyball tournament. Meanwhile Eddie and Shauni spend a romantic day together but get trapped inside an armored truck after making a rescue. Teetering precariously over the edge of an old pier, the truck plunges into the sea. 2,5
114 Home Cort John Cort returns to Baywatch and recruits a buddy from his days as a Navy SEAL to help him carry out a shady deal. Jill and Shauni decide to go into business together selling sandwiches on the beach, but the competition proves to be more serious than they thought.
115 We Need A Vacation Craig, Cort and Eddie take a road trip to Mexico, but their holiday turns sour when they tangle with an ugly American. Meanwhile Hobie gets a crush on Shauni and Mitch has an unexpected house guest in the guise of Thorpe when his wife leaves him. 2,5
116 Muddy Waters Cort and Eddie train lifeguards at a water-slide park, but someone off the deep end vandalizes the slide's pumps. Thorpe wants Shauni fired after he sees pictures of her in a pin-up calendar. Shauni claims she was tricked and posed unknowingly for the shots.
117 Snake Eyes Eddie is bitten by the gambling bug after Cort takes him to an illegal off-shore casino, and finds himself in debt after a few days bad luck. When Cort discovers that the establishment uses marked cards and loaded dice, the pair (aided by Craig) conspire to beat them at their own game. 1,5
118 Eclipse When a rookie lifeguard claims that he saw an apparition of a young girl in a night-gown running through the surf, no one believes him. When he is discovered drowned, Eddie is haunted by the same apparition and it revives painful memories of the drowning of his sister. 1,5
119 Shark Derby Sharks become a cause of terror in the bay and an unscrupulous restaurateur creates a "Shark Derby" with $25,000 for the person who kills the largest shark. When Jill attempts to rescue some drowning children, she is attacked by a great white and her death sends shockwaves through headquarters. 2
120 The Big Race Cort promises to come up with a load of money for a nursing home, but he needs Mitch and Craig's help to compete in a water-skiing race with a big cash prize. Meanwhile, Shauni is afraid to go into the water in the wake of Jill's death.
121 Old Friends Craig, Mitch and Garner take a weekend hang-gliding trip, but Mitch has an accident and ends up caught in a tree and unconscious. Cort reacquaints himself with a woman whose husband supposedly drowned the previous year, but actually faked his death to collect the insurance money. 1
122 The End? A massive earthquake shakes up the Southland and Gina's life hangs in the balance, while Cort and Craig are trapped in the ocean. Eddie nearly passes out when he discovers that he is the only one who can help a pregnant woman going into labour, and Garner (who hates the surf and sand) is forced to play lifeguard. 1

Season 2 1990-1991
No. Episode title Summary Rate
201 Nightmare Bay, Part 1 An underwater photographer is attacked inside a sea cave. Her boat is destroyed and her partner is killed. She spins an amazing tale about a sea creature which is printed in a local newspaper. A ruthless, independent oil speculator is trying to get a jump on the competition bidding for offshore oil drilling tracts by trying to discover which tracts contain the richest oil deposits. When the lifeguards catch him, they also solve the mystery of the creature in the bay. Meanwhile, Shauni rescues a girl from drowning and she feels obliged to rescue the girl and her family from poverty and gang life. 1
202 Nightmare Bay, Part 2 1
203 The Trophy, Part 1 Caroline, a new girl in town attempts to seduce Eddie in order to become popular. Her attempts fail, so she plants her bathing costume in his tower. Caroline's father presses charges of rape against Eddie, who is arrested and suspended from Baywatch HQ. Shauni confronts Caroline over the accusation, but the frightened girl attempts suicide by jumping off the pier. Eddie saves her life and she admits the truth. Meanwhile Eric shows up at Baywatch HQ. He was paralyzed a year earlier in a lifeguard competition. Eric gets into trouble during a hang gliding session. Mitch rescues him and Eric accepts a job as a high school swim coach. 1,5
204 The Trophy, Part 2 1,5
205 Money, Honey Mitch and Eddie lifeguard at a private party. After a dramatic save a film producer offers Mitch a part in her new film. Meanwhile Shauni is upset to learn that an aquatic animal rescue service will be forced to close due to insufficient funding. She enlists Harvey's help to stage a bikini contest and raises $30,000. Harvey donates the $20,000 and saves the day. 2,5
206 The Fabulous Buchannon Boys Mitch and Hobie are reunited with Mitch's brother Buzzy and his son Kyle. Kyle encourages Hobie to surf at condemned San Dimas Pier. Kyle collides with the piering and is hospitalized. Meanwhile Shauni and Eddie are forced to rescue hoards of women from "overexposure" when organic bikinis purchased from a crooked salesman dissolve on contact with water.
207 Reunion Mitch attends his high school reunion accompanying Gayle. Mitch is forced to rescue former class bully Vernon, who has been buried up to his neck in the sand by two nerds seeking revenge. Meanwhile Eddie finds a baby under his tower. The child's mother appears telling she had hidden her baby underneath the tower to protect it from it's brutal father. 2
208 The One That Got Away Lifeguard Megan is tricked into rescuing a man who appears to have fallen off a rock jetty, but she is attacked by the "victim" and just manages to escape. The attacker, obsessed over his escaped prey begins to stalk her and traps her under the pier. Meanwhile Mitch suggests a romantic weekend for Shauni and Eddie and flames of passion are ignited between them.
209 Thin Or Die A couple of escaped con men hijack a boat in the ocean. They lock up the owner and throw her dog overboard. Mitch spots the dog in the ocean and takes it home. Shauni gets upset when Eddie fails a compatibility test. She thinks they should cool off for a while and Eddie ends up dating with a girl with a sexy voice, but many pounds heavier than he imagined.
210 Point Of Attack Eddie and John D. Cort arrange for the gang members to join a lifeguard organized aquatic activities program. Carlos, the father of one of the gang leaders refuses to let his son, Memo join. However, Memo sneaks to take part in the program. Carlos comes looking for Memo and begins to push his son around. Memo knocks his father off the dock and into the water.
211 If Looks Could Kill Allison murders a man and escapes with a briefcase of stolen money. She is spotted by her ex-partner who gives chase. Allison loses control and ends up driving off the edge of the road and into the water below. She is rescued by Mitch and decides to seduce him in order to find a way to retrieve the money. 0,5
212 Sandcastles Eddie finds a homeless man in his tower. When he tries to get rid of him, the man attacks Eddie and steals a picture of Shauni. The man is named Hector and he's a mental patient. Hobie also meets a homeless person, a girl whose mother was wrongly imprisoned and Mitch manages to get her freed. Eddies tackles Hector getting back the stolen items. 2
213 The Chamber Mitch comes across a boy whose father is trapped ninety feet below the ocean underneath a sunken wreck. Mitch decides to go down without any scuba gear himself. He has to use the decompression chamber in Baywatch HQ thereafter. Upon arrival he is wracked with pain and is having flashbacks. 1,5
214 Sea Of Flames Fugitive designer drug manufacturers have set up a floating drugs laboratory off-shore. Eddie, Shauni and a Coast Guard set out to investigate but two crafts speed away. After a call for backup, Mitch, Newman and Barnett catch the villains. Ben Edwards meets Maggie James after 30 years the two pick up their summer romance. 1
215 Game Of Chance Eddie is insulted by Shauni's father but persuaded by Shauni to attend the engagement party of her sister Kim. Eddie rescues Kim when her fingers get caught in the pool drain. Shauni decides to leave home, moving into Eddie's houseboat. Harvey and Mitch see their poker wins stolen by a masked man in an amphibious vehicle. 4
216 Big Monday Hobie plans to overcome his fears by surfing the waves of a coming storm "Big Monday II". Mitch is terrified at the mention of the forthcoming storm, but doesn't know why. A deaf girl has been trapped by an undercurrent but is rescued by a mysterious Hawaiian. Mitch sets out in pursuit of the mystery hero and unravels the mystery of his fear.
217 War Of Nerves Mitch is being terrorized by Sato, a drug lord whom he helped imprison. He is now free, breaks into his house and kidnaps Hobie and Kaye Morgan. Mitch shows up and Sato launches an attack using a dangerous Samurai sword. Mitch gets the upper hand however, when the fight moves into the water.
218 The Big Spill Lane Brody, former lifeguard, has returned to Baywatch to investigate illegal chemical dumping. He breaks into Transicon by himself and an explosion sweeps through the plant. Mitch knows he wouldn't risk endangering the environment for his cause. Mitch and Shauni decide to do some investigating of their own.
219 Just Sit Back And You Will Hear A Tale Eddie and Shauni have a series of misadventures resulting in them getting stranded on an island where they meet Gilligan and Mary-Ann. Eddie and the others return to Baywatch HQ. Thorpe buys a yacht and sets out with Garner, Shauni, Eddie, Gilligan, Mary Ann, and Harvey to track other Gilligan's fiends down. 3,5
220 Shark's Cove Debbie is training for the Olympics, but her father is not impressed with her times and grounds her. She sneaks out to meet her boyfriend and they both go for a swim. Debbie disappears and Zack claims she has been attacked by a shark. Shauni encourages Eddie to seek out his half brother Bobby.
221 The Lost Treasure Of Tower 12 Two burglars steal some jewellery and hide their loot under a lifeguard tower. They return the next day to find it missing. A romantic beach poet named Ian is vying for Shauni's attention. Ian finds the stolen jewellery and uses lavish expensive gifts upon her. The burglars discover that Ian has found their loot. 4
222 The Summer Of '85 Harvey recommends that Eddie and Shauni see a fortune teller. Rosalind predicts that Eddie will meet his first true love. Later Eddie is convinced he spots Lorna Cosgrove, the married women he had an affair with back in 1985. Shauni finds out about Lorna who is wanted for murdering her husband.

Season 3 1991-1992
No. Episode title Summary Rate
301 River of No Return, Part 1 Mitch's uncle is murdered and Mitch inherits everything. Since uncle lived near South Fork river, Mitch, Hobie, Shauni and Eddie decide to go on a vacation. Mitch remembers where uncle's hideout is and finds there a map of a treasure. Group goes after the treasure followed by two villains who kidnap Shauni and try to swap her for the map. Mitch and Eddie manage to save Shauni and keep the map. They find the treasure, but are robbed by a sheriff whose kayak sinks and treasure is lost. Eddie learns that Shauni is pregnant and agrees to marry her. After returning to LA Shauni marries Eddie and they leave to Australia for honeymoon. 3
302 River of No Return, Part 2 3

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